Elliott Smith

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Elliott Smith

This Elliott Smith  was based on a pictures above where he is wearing Jeans, brown shoes, burgundy hoodie and blue beanie hat.

Elliott is 10 inches tall, or around 26 centimeters to the top of his head. He is knitted with double knit acrylic yarn and stuffed with Polyester stuffing.
He is not self-supporting and cannot stand up by himself.

Elliott will come in a box with a signed, numbered Limited Edition Certificate, Number 1 of 1.

Elliott is completely handmade and there is only one of him. I could make more but because each one is handmade they will all have tiny subtle differences.

I first knitted the body and arms with double knit acrylic yarn. I sewed him up and padded him out with polyester stuffing and knitted his shoes, hoodie and added the beanie hat. 
I embroidered his face. Her hair is made of black acrylic yarn.

There is around 10 hours work in the making of Elliott Smith, from start to finish.

IMPORTANT - Please note that these rockers are unsuitable for children.
My Rockers are made for adult collectors and music fans for display only.



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